From coffee to cocktails: with AUrate New York

AUrate is a jewelry company that offers contemporary yet timeless real gold jewelry handmade in NYC.

Quality is a very defitinion of who they are, plus they source their materials in accordance with the highest standards of social, environmental and human rights practices.They purchase diamonds and pearls from conflict-free regions, in compliance with all applicable United Nations resolutions. They also partnered with Philadephia schools to give back to economically disadvantaged school children with each purchase of their jewelry, this program is called ‘A Book for Your Look’. If you want to know more about the program click here.

That being said, their current project aims to emphasize the role of jewelry in our outfits. We want to share how accessories can style a look to transition from coffee to cocktails.
For that I decided to style the simplest outfit and something I’m pretty sure we all wear at least once a week.

Day outfit. I need coffee.

For the day time outfit I styled this white tee and blue jeans with a white sweatshirt and gray sneakers because let’s face it comfort is above everything else during the day. I paired with a black purse and these beautiful earrings HUGGIE EARRINGS they are 14k Yellow Gold and 1.4mm White Diamonds.










I decided to go for these because they look simple yet classy and i’m in love with little hoops like these. If hoops aren’t your style, AUrate has so many different earrings to check out.For the ring and necklace I chose something that would match and that’d be comfortable and dainty. The ring is called DIAMOND BEZEL RING made with Yellow Gold and White Diamond .07 ct that pairs beautifully with the MEDIUM DIAMOND PENDANT NECKLACE made with stunning 18k Yellow Gold and 3mm White Diamond, .25ct.

As for shoes I love Nike Air Force 1, these are similar to mine but keep in mind you can get any color or texture you can imagine.

Lately I’ve been obsessed with mom jeans, my favorite are from TopShop. These are called “MOTO Mid Blue Mom Jeans” and they go with literally every thing. If you like super white sweatshirts like the one I’m wearing you can check this one on ASOS.




Night outfit. It’s cocktail time with the girls!

For the night time outfit all you need to do is change your shoes to something more fancy and elegant. Any black heel will work. I also knotted my white shirt and threw a black leather jacket over it.

When wearing a bit more put together shoes I like to wear these more fitted but distressed jeans from TopShop called MOTO Mid Blue Step Hem Jamie Jeans.

The jacket I’m wearing is pretty old so I can’t find it online but you can literally find a jacket similar to this anywhere. Same thing for these back pointed heels but I found ones pretty similar on ASOS.

Put your hair in a high but and show off these beautiful earrings called DIAMOND PATH EARRING and made with 14k Yellow Gold and 12 White Diamonds .15ct. Which pair beautifully with the DIAMOND BAR SQUARE RING and the simple but sophisticated necklaced called DIAMOND BAR PENDANT made with 18k Yellow Gold and White Diamonds .4ct. I also chose another ring which I feel in love with, this looks like an A or a V depends on how you wear it, but I feel this is really eye catching but still dainty. You know me and the dainty sophisticated jewelry… this one is called  ICON RING  and it’s made with 14k Yellow Gold I White Diamonds, .3ct.

This is my take on a day to night outfit and I hope you enjoyed! Please check AUrate site and leave a comment down below letting me know what is your go to outfit you can dress up or down, is it a little black dress? Or a mini skirt? Let me know!